Quantum Traders are an alien droid race that doesn’t necessarily come from the future, as they’re unbound by time. They came to us to defend our world from digital terrorists (read: scammers), and after stabilizing our economy and trade routes, these merchants taught us to use the currency of the Quantum Realm, $YAW tokens, for all of our gaming and trading.

Benefit from the Yawww treasury and its future growth

$YAW token airdrop equivalent of the mint price

Stake your QT for $YAW

Average yield of $YAW over the course of 24 months ~14k $YAW



Initializer sets up the trade with pre-agreed terms.

Step 1 - Connect your Phantom Wallet

Step 2 - Prepare your offer - NFT(s) + SOL

Step 3 - Enter the counterparty wallet address

Step 4 - Create the trade

Step 5 - After the counterparty's offer, confirm the trade

The counterparty makes the agreed offer.

Step 1 - Validate the initiator offer

Step 2 - Connect your Phantom wallet

Step 3 - Add your offer as agreed with the inititaor.

Step 4 - Confirm your offer for the inititator to confirm and complete the trade!


Challenge the Quantum Trader in a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Step 1 - Connect your Phantom Wallet

Step 2 - Choose the Stake

Step 3 - Pick your weapon

Step 4 - Go!

To battle!

COMING SOON! Play against other players for NFTs and/or SOL


The OG of the Yawww platform.


Access to Quantum Trader Pre-Sale

50% chance to get a free Quantum Trader airdropped after mint

Average yield of for SolStein is ~16.3k $YAW


The Treasury (funded by 50% of platform revenue + 50% of NFT royalties) will indirectly back $YAW’s value by providing continuous demand and liquidity through buybacks and burns.

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SolStein Aftermarket Fees

Deposited to the Yawww Treasury

Yawww Platform Fees

Deposited to the Yawww Treasury

Quantum Trader Aftermarket Fees

Deposited to the Yawww Treasury


These are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

SolStein NFT

Launch a 2,222 NFT collection

Yawww Alpha & Wallet Explorer

P2P NFT Trading Alpha release

Yawww RPS PvE

First Game Release: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Deathroll PvE


Quantum Traders NFT

8,888 intergalactic merchants

Yawww Beta

Enable multi-NFT trading and direct sales

RPS & Deathroll PvP

The thrill of staking and dueling for keeps

$YAW IDO + NFT Staking

Introducing the Yawww central currency

Tournament & Giveaway module

Win NFTs as well as Sol cash prizes

Lobby & Trading Rooms

Frictionless communication & exploration

And much more!

Longer term


Platform development
Frontend Developer & API
Marketing & Community
Marketing & Community
Operations & Product
Backend development
Rust & Smart Contract development
Creative & Product


If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Yawww P2P trading?

Yawww is the first Solana's Automated Escrow Platform for Trustless P2P NFT Trading.

When trading NFTs only, there is a 0.02 SOL fee from both sides. When trading involves SOL there is also a 3% fee.

There are always 2 stakeholders to a trade. An initializer is the one who sets up the trade. The counterparty who is on the receiving end.

Yes, either side can cancel the trade before the trade has been confirmed.

Why should I endorse Yawww to my community?

Yawww gives your community a safe way to trade NFTs and eliminates the headache and pain of having to deal with community members who get scammed.

You can find the extensive list of projects -> HERE

Simply fill out this form -> HERE

Gen2 - Quantum Traders collection

Pre Sale Jan 4th

SolStein NFT is a collection of 2,222 scientifically generated, unique, crazy & collectible NFT characters.

You can acquire a SolStein from:
Magic Eden - here
DigitalEyes - here

What is Yawww RPS?

RPS is the first official game on Yawww. Currently only PvE, as we are building towards our PVP dueling module.

The game itself is the classic rock-paper-scissors game where you play against Yawww's Quantum Trader (bot). First connect your Phantom Wallet and make sure you have enough SOL available. Then choose the stake from the available options. Now it's game time! Choose your weapon for the round - rock-paper-scissors. Once you're happy with your choice, hit "Go to Battle". You must approve the transaction in your Phantom Wallet. After a moment Quantum Trader makes their choice, you'll then be shown the results. When you win, you'll receive the staked amount from the Quantum Trader. When you lose, the staked amount will be removed from your wallet. In case of a draw, the staked amount is left unchanged.

For every transaction Phantom tries to simulate (guess) the outcome. Due to technical details, the shown balance change does not reflect on the outcome of the round.

Because Solana's transactions need to be deterministic, randomness isn't allowed in the usual programming sense. To overcome this issue we built our own pseudo-random number generator. First, the Quantum Trader's choice is generated and only then the Trader's and the player's choice is compared.

The total fee for a game is 3% of the stake amount. 50% is for running Yawww platform, whereas 50% is transferred to Yawww treasury benefitting all Yawww NFT holders. In addition there is the super tiny fee that is taken for every transaction on Solana.

Slightly more than the staking amount is required to play to cover the fees.

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